About us

We are two little ladies who love to cook. We cook and write because we have a great time doing it. We have had no professional training, but are passionate and eager to learn and develop our skills and share what we do. If you have any queries feel free to email us at theconro@hotmail.com. Bon appetit!

Smart Girls Supper bioName: Morgana Josephine Edwards

Age: 20

Height: 5ft 2”

Likes: Wellington boots and decisive weather.

Dislikes: An unmade bed and that I only have one dimple.

Bio: My love of good food is only rivalled by my passion for the best ingredients. My refusal to cook with (and avoid eating as much as I can, though you would be surprised where it sneaks in) ingredients that is not free-range meat and eggs, sustainable fish and organic fruit and vegetables is almost petulant. This has in the past resulted in someone referring to me as a ‘self-righteous, pretentious snob’, but if that means I get the best food, guilt free then it’s a label I wear with pride. I also think shopping locally is massively important. Not only because you get to understand your ingredients from those who know it best (farmers, butchers etc.) but also you get to know your community, which I believe, is something very special indeed. I was a lucky girl indeed bumping into Rosie at university. She is one of the few people I know who can talk about food until the cows come home, get bored of our obsessive food chatter, and throw themselves on the grill in desperation. Cooking, eating and writing are my three favourite things and Smart Girls Supper is the perfect way to combine the three. I hope you enjoy perusing it as much as I enjoy doing it.

428901_10151319562574662_1740269137_nName: Rosie Jocelyn Conroy

Height: 5’2”

Likes: Pillows to take up at least a third of my bed and wearing tartan ribbon in my hair.

Dislikes: Spending hours of my day on public transport and my sub-standard eyebrows.

Bio: I’m a little cook who loves cooking for big numbers. One of my favourite things in life is feeding friends/animals/anyone I can tempt to my table with a trail of breadcrumbs. I eat things like scallops and roast duck on a student budget and on school nights which leaves me with not too much spare cash once I’ve paid the gym membership that I need to stop a premature middle aged spread. But I’m as happy as a chubby clam and I am patiently waiting for somebody, anybody, to make me a well polished (perhaps part time) housewife. This bordering on absurd obsession with food, probably, is somewhat genetic. My grandmother helped at my father’s school canteen and paid for high quality meat out of her own purse for the school canteen’s use to keep it up to her high standard- what a babe. I was lucky enough to meet Morgana at university where we are both finishing off our studies in journalism and after comparing menus and packed lunches frequently we decided to take our relationship to the next level and make it public.