A little bit of lovely lamb

by smartgirlssupper

Fabulous Baker Brothers Spiced Lamb & Quark Flatbreads

On Thursday evening I was asked to go to a press event to represent the magazine I’m interning for at the moment. Luckily for me it was a food event. The Lake District Dairy Co. has just released a new version of an old product- quark- and their PR team put on quite the show to introduce it to the media. They had enlisted the help of the Baker Brothers to show us all how to use the product in recipes diverse as from soup to cakes.

One of the recipes they showed us was so good, and took the boys literally ten minutes to whip up, I thought I should share it. Saying that, I was tempted to claim it for my own and have the compliments of friends stroke my ego at how clever a supper I had thought of all by myself. My conscience won on this occasion, so full credit to the boys.

Quark is a naturally fat-free ingredient which sounds a bit too-good-to-be-true. It can be used in the place of cream cheese, yogurt and milk to create creamy flavours with no fat. I was sceptical but it really is nice, with a smooth texture and subtle yogurt like flavour. If you try it I’d love to know how you used it!



4 lamb leg steaks (200g)

Small bunch of mint

1tbsp coriander seeds crushed

1 lemon

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

Small bag of salad leaves

1 jar sweet red peppers

1peeled large carrot

Quark sauce:

100g The Lake District Dairy Co. Quark

1 clove of garlic

Small bunch of mint

Salt and pepper


250g The Lake District Dairy Co. Quark

200g strong white flour

Pinch of salt

Mix the coriander seeds, salt and pepper. Rub all over the lamb with a little olive oil. Leave to marinade for 30 mins in the fridge

Make the pitas by mixing the flour and the Quark together. It should be soft not sticky, so add a pinch more flour if needed. Knead for 10mins in a mixer or for 15 mins by hand until nice and stretchy. Divide into golf size balls and roll round

Heat your oven to the max 250°c / gas mark 9/10 with an oven tray or baking stone. Roll the balls out flat around 3mm thick. Place directly onto the tray or stone and shut the door. They should take around 3 mins to rise. Remove and carefully cut open to eat

For the sauce, crush the garlic and chop the mint. Stir through the Quark and season. This will keep for a week in the fridge and is delicious with lots of things

To make the salad. Slice the peppers, grate the carrot, chop the mint and mix the leaves in. Dress with lemon and oil just before serving

Heat a pan and fry the lamb steaks for about 3 mins on each side for just pink steaks. Do for longer if you prefer more well done. Take out of the pan and rest for a few mins before slicing

Split the pitas, load with salad and lamb. Drizzle on the Quark sauce.

And here is an extra treat- the lovely Tom Herbert succumbing to the culturally diverse peace pose!

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