Feeling crabby

by smartgirlssupper

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Samphire is one of my favourite foods. Naturally succulent and salty it is a perfect bedfellow for all things fishy. I rather indulgently treated myself to crab this week. It would be rude not to introduce it to my table as it has just started coming into season, a season which will last till winter but peaks in mid summer. These two little seaside gems made for a quick and tasty supper this evening as the last of the sunshine peaked its head through my flat in London. The ingredients do all the work here, ensuring you have ample time for other pursuits, like watching Masterchef. This can also eek out crab between a larger crowd as the beautiful silky smooth crab meat packs a real punch of the sea, and is less expensive than its white alternative.

Sometimes I worry that we misnamed our blog and should have opted for something like butter babies, as once again I found myself reaching for that little block of beauty.

This would also work well with a home made aioli should you find yourself willing.


Potatoes (2 per person)

White and brown crabmeat

Samphire grass

Courgette, grated

Finly sliced onion

Roughly chopped parsley and chives

A spoonful of cream cheese

A flamboyant swirl of olive oil

A knob of butter

A squeeze of Lemon juice

And a pinch of salt

Finely slice the onions, squeeze lemon over and sprinkle with salt. Leave to pickle.

Boil the potatoes till tender. Mash with the brown crabmeat, butter and cream cheese.

Steam the Samphire for 2-3 minutes, or until bright green (like asparagus).

Top the potato, crab mixture with samphire, courgette, white crabmeat and herbs. Squeeze a generous amount of lemon juice all over and swirl that olive oil.


By Rosie