French Rabbit for Ben

by smartgirlssupper

Epicurus believed we need two things two live a full and happy life: Food and friends. Now that is a philosophy I would happily sign up to. So for the next few recipes please permit me to go all girly and gooey and dedicate them to some of my very best friends. This rabbit recipe is my version of a French classic and always makes me think of one of my oldest and closest friends, Ben. One of those infuriating people people who is good at everything he turns his hand to without having to try. He is also a a great laugh and a some would argue, a bit of a dreamboat. Much like the French. So here is a lovely little toast to him in the form of a slow cooked mustardy rabbit (inc. pictures of the lovely roses that adorned the table while I ate it, they were just too glorious not to include). Sante!


Ingredients (Serves 2/1 if ravenous):

One Rabbit, in pieces

Two white onions (I used shallots as they are in season)

One large carrot

Two cloves of garlic (always)

Two tbspns of dijon mustard

Two tbspns wholegrain mustard

150ml Dry white wine

150ml Water

Two tbspns olive oil

Flour to coat the rabbit pieces

Pinch of salt

Pinch of ground black pepper

A bay leaf




Slice the onions, garlic, and carrots (leeks can also be added, but are not a necessity) and soften them in a large pot in half the oil. Mix the dijon and wholegrain mustard together with the rest of the oil. Smother this paste over the rabbit pieces making sure they have an even coating. Then cover them in flour, again ensuring it is evenly spread. Now brown he pieces of rabbit in a frying pan before transferring them to the pot with the vegetables. Boil the wine in a separate pan for a very brief while to remove the alcohol and add this and the water to the pot. Now simmer away for around one and a half hours. The smell of this on the stove is enough to melt any heart, much like my friend Ben. Steady now ladies. Top with chopped fresh parsley, et voila. Bon appetit, c’est delicieux!


By Morgana