Poor Girl Gourmet

by smartgirlssupper

Puy lentils are a kitchen cupboard god send. They are known to the French as poor man’s caviar, and if its OK by the French its OK by me. They are easy to cook, cheap to buy and will keep your tummy contented until tea time. Ideal for keeping you cosy before spring finally manages to shake of this cold snap. Utterly addictive and more traditional with good Toulouse sausages, but pictured here with a rather substantial duck leg. Dijon mustard is a perfect companion, but a salsa verde will also work if you can’t handle the heat.



Good bacon/lardons


Onions (I used banana shallots)

Vegetable stock

Olive oil


Puy Lentils


If the puy lentils are in a tin they are pot ready, if they are dried you will have to soak them over night. Cut the carrots into tiny chunks, the smaller the better. Put them in a pot on a medium to low heat with a healthy dose of olive oil (this recipe does not skimp on that liquid of the gods). Once they have softened a little finely slice and add the onions. These will not take long to soften and once they start to give, throw in the lentils and garlic, finely sliced or crushed. Sprinkle in a teaspoon of vegetable stock power or half a stock cube and leave to bubble away on a low heat. Slice the bacon in to cubes and fry in a separate pan and add them to the mix. leave to bubble and all the  flavours to infuse for approximately half and hour to forty minutes. Now you are ready to plate or, even better, bowl up. A final drizzle of olive oil on top perfects this hearty peasant supper.


By Morgana