Sunday Brunch

by smartgirlssupper

Today my flatmate left for Mexico so I found myself lying lazily in bed all morning feeling sorry for myself. However, London didn’t totally let me down, the sun is bright today and so I dragged myself out of bed in search of something to make me feel less stroppy at being left behind in winter.

The next best thing to lying on a beach in 30 degree heat is recreating that feeling of summer. I find the best way is to surround myself with yellow. So I headed to Waitrose to buy myself some daffodils. While I was there I spotted asparagus from Mexico- fate. I bought it and covered it in a yellow, buttery sauce. Daffodils and hollandaise are sure to content both body and soul.

2013-02-17 15.07.30

If you fancy yourself some of this summery sauce it’s actually surprisingly easy. Hollandaise has a reputation of being complicated and hard to get right but I am of the opinion that anyone can do this with this easy recipe. More butter-surprise!

Ingredients (selfishly for one):

A bunch of asparagus

1 whole egg

1 egg yolk

40g of butter (sorry)

1 tsp of dijon mustard

A good squeeze of lemon and a big grind of fresh black pepper.

2 tbsp of cold water

Boil a pan of water and make a bain-marie by using a bowl, bigger than the pan opening, resting on top of the water, but not touching it. Add the egg yolk, cold water, mustard and pepper. Whisk together over the steam from the bain-marie until thickened, this should take a couple of minutes. Once thickening, start adding small cubes of butter while still whisking, keep going till all the butter has been used. You can up or down the butter depending on how much sauce you’d like to make. Once all the butter has been added squeeze in some lemon to taste, remembering this will also thin it. If you like a thick sauce you could forego some of the water at the start.

Once the sauce is finished, take the bowl off and add a whole egg to poach in the ready and waiting water. Some form of white vinegar in the water will help keep the egg together, leave for three-four minutes and the rolling water will take care of the rest. Use a slotted spoon to remove from the pan and dry on some kitchen towel.

Pour a little water into a shallow frying pan and add the asparagus. Cook for a couple of minutes, until bright green and tender.

Pile the asparagus in a plate, topped wit the egg and sauce. I also added some chives for an oniony punch, but equally as yummy without.

And here are my flowers. Happy Sunday everyone, hope you’ve all done little else but eat and read and other appropriately Sunday-ish pastimes

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By Rosie