Super Secret Shepherds’ Pie

by smartgirlssupper

This years Burns’ night supper reminded me: I ruddy love Haggis. Haggis is decisive issue and like my haggis-hating flat mate said, people often think it “tastes great but… I can’t help but think aboutwhat it is”. This shepherds(ish) pie recipe is not one for the squeamish, in that case. Unless you do what I do and just don’t tell them. Yes, I am the purest evil. The meat is  some offally good haggis (much better than my terrible tendency to pun). The mashy topping has a little Edwards twist and, as it contains an obscene amount of butter, it really is the ultimate comfort food.



Two potatoes per person

One good haggis

A lot of fresh parsley

One garlic clove per person

50g of butter per person

A substantial pinch of salt

A thimble full of milk



For the haggis, pierce with a fork, wrap in cling film. Place this glorious little parcel in a baking tray and pour half a mug of water into the tray. This stops the meat drying out, works like a ban marie. Pop in the oven for the best part of an hour at 200C in the centre of the oven. For the Mash, peel and boil the potatoes. Mash with the butter, parsley and garlic. Put the haggis at the bottom of a ramekin  or mini casserole dish (as pictured) and top off with the mash. Brush with the milk. And pop back into the oven for 10 minutes at 180C. Indulge and enjoy.


By Morgana