‘Tis the Season

by smartgirlssupper

Not a recipe, more a little idea. February has got to be one of my favourite months. The Six Nations is on (a.k.a. Morgan Parra in shorts, rolling around in mud), the days are slowly but surely getting a little bit longer meaning summer is in sight, but most importantly, rhubarb is in season. Rhubarb is one of my favourite things in life, in a crumble with copious amounts of custard, poached and dolloped on porridge, turned into toffee, or as an adult Dib Dab… That’s right, remember those? A disturbingly red lollypop neighbouring a bag of questionable looking sherbet. With this little trick the same ceremony applies only this time, slice chunks of raw rhubarb, dip in caster sugar and enjoy. An ultimate sweet treat, and great alternative bring-your-own cinema snack.



by Morgana