Liver and Bacon (Faux) Risotto

by smartgirlssupper

Ok, so the title is a lie. This recipe isn’t made with rice, I used some lovely spelt which was kindly given to me by my fellow Smart Girl, Rosie. Experimenting with this bronze age staple I have found a number of things to throw it in. In place of rice it can be used in almost anything, but this was by far my favourite experiment. This recipe can easily be made as a traditional risotto, but I personally love the chewy, squidgy texture of the spelt next to the soft, tender liver and crispy bacon bits.



Three hefty sprigs of thyme

Half a mug full of spelt

Two chicken livers

A handful of Kale (or other seasonal greens)

Two rashers of smoked streaky bacon – rind removed

One pint of chicken stock

Two cloves of garlic

One large shallot/two-three little ones

One-two leeks

A pinch of salt

A sizeable knob of butter


Slice the garlic, shallots and leeks finely. Add the butter to a stock pot on a low heat, then add the sliced vegetables. Allow them to soften, then add the spelt and stir it until everYthing is coated in a buttery gloss. Then, slowly bit-by-bit and the stock and stir. This is a slow process, but keep repeating until the spelt has absorbed all of the stock. Slice the liver and bacon into bite size slivers and pan fry. Tear the kale into strips and, with the thyme and cooked meat, stir into the (faux) risotto until evenly combined. It is now ready to serve, I recommend a bowl, this is far too comforting for the formality of a plate. I like to hold some of the bacon back until serving, and sprinkle them over the top.



By Morgana