Winter Warmer Salad

by smartgirlssupper

As I write, snow is drowsily falling past my bedroom window. I went for a walk this morning, my wellingtons hitting the back of my calves with every step. A sound that brings me unfeasible joy. Peckham (my current location) had been transformed into a quiet and serene winter haven. And for lunch I had.. a salad!? Hardly. This twist on a classic combination is ideal for those days when getting out of your pyjamas is just not a viable option. Pear, chicory, walnut and blue cheese salad is nothing new. Thrown together this predictable list of ingredients is the ultimate in balance, flavours and texture. But making a few minor tweaks, this little ‘salad’ is taken to new levels.



Good blue cheese (Nottinghamshire Stichleton courtesy of Neals Yard Dairy featured here)


Seasonal pears



Roast the pears at 190C for approximately half an hour/40 minutes. While that is going tear the chicory carefully and place them in your serving dish. Toast some walnuts in a dry frying pan. Add all the ingredients to the serving dish with the cheese coming last. This way some of the cheese melts into the pear and some of it remains in little salty nuggets.


By Morgana