Light Lunch

by smartgirlssupper

2012-12-12 13.35.10

January started as it usually does with good intentions, meal plans, and a gym membership but quickly declined and I find myself waiting for a roast to come out of the oven followed by a pudding Greg Wallace has provided via his cookery book.

Despite this inevitable slump healthy meals can still be found on my table between the chocolate mousse pies and goose fat roasted potatoes. Crab isn’t in season but it can easily be obtained and as weekend treat I often turn a blind eye to the seasons and indulge myself properly. Mayonnaise, well made, has to be one of my all time favourites with the ability to transform a meal in one fell dollop. It is so easy I’m not sure why Mr. Hellmann’s is still in business. Try it mixed with finely choped pickles, red onion and capers for a smoked salmon topper, or mixed with roasted garlic and saffron for a chip dip to top all others.

This particular little treat was a mustardy mayo and was, even though I say so myself, delicious!

Mainly an assemble job this is easy to make at the last minute for an unexpected guest and will suitably impress I would imagine.

Home made mayonnaise and crab on toast: (serves 2)


1 Egg Yolk

Olive Oil- quite a lot (?)

Half a tsp Dijon Mustard

a little salt and pepper to taste

Splash of White Wine vinegar

Good quality fresh sourdough bread, cut thickly and toasted.

100g of white or mixed crabmeat, I used Seafood and Eat it’s hand picked Cornish crab

A few sprigs of fresh, flat leaf parsley

Finely sliced cucumber

Mixed salad of your choice.

Briskly whisk the egg yolk with the mustard and add a drop of olive oil, whisking continuously. Continue adding the olive oil drop my drop for about ten drops and then start a very slow trickle, whisking all the time. At this stage it is important not to add the oil quickly as the mixture will split if it isn’t mixed properly. Continue adding oil till the desired texture is achieved, remembering the vinegar, which you can add now, will thin it down a little. Season the mayonnaise to taste.

Toast the bread and butter while warm. Place sliced cucumber on toast. Top with crab and dowse in mayonnaise. Sprinkle parsley and serve with a side salad.


By Rosie