Kick-starter Kipper Kedgeree

by smartgirlssupper

Ok, so for the first recipe of the year, and my first lunch of the year. This is super lazy, but so buttery and comforting, once you give it a go I am sure you will forgive me. Brilliant for a heavy headed brunch, the night after a big bash, but equally suited for a little-but-satisfying lunch or supper. It has a little bit of everything, is cheap to throw together, sustainable and can be done in a flash. The kippers can be bought and frozen, as with the peas. There are not really rules to this, so if you have other seasonal green knocking about that need using up, lob them in too. Get comfy and dive in. I also recommend making this before a night out. At 4 am, or the next day, this may well be your edible salvation.



Basmati rice

Little knob of butter

Vacuum packed smoked kipper fillets (or fresh, then you will also need an extra  little knob of butter)

One egg per person

Half a white onion per person

Frozen peas (fresh, if in season)

One and tsp curry paste (NOT sauce) per person

Tsp tumeric

Pinch of black peppercorns

Pinch cumin seeds

Pinch of coriander seeds

Handful of fresh coriander

One green chilli (optional)


Toast the cumin and coriander seeds in a dry pan. Put them in a pestle and mortar with the rest of the dry herbs and spices and crush to a powder. Pause and breath in. Toasted cumin in with the mix smells preposterously yummy. Pour enough rice for however many you are feeding into a saucepan with the double the amount of cold water. I would put a measurement but it is so dependent on what meal it is for, who you are feeding, and if you want leftovers. Bring to boil and once bubbling, turn down to simmer for 20 minutes. Dice the onion finely and soften with (or without if you don’t want to use it) the chilli in a frying pan and set aside. Either boil the smoked kippers in the bag they come in. If you bought them from a fish monger, wrap the fillets in foil with a small knob of butter and bake in the oven at 180C for around 15 minutes. Put an egg onto boil for each mouth you are feeding. It can be as hard or oozy as is to your tastes. Combine the peas, onions, chilli, herbs and spices, and curry pate with the rice and stir through. Remove from the heat and flake in the kipper. Roughly tear the fresh coriander and mix it in lightly. Serve in a bowl with your egg on top. Happy new year, here is to a tasty 2013!


By Morgana