Would You Risk it for A Brisket?

by smartgirlssupper

Pun credit: Sophie Parker

I am currently in my final year of a degree in journalism. I think I am doing OK. I have been given a good role on the paper, I have been offered some great opportunities for experience and my dissertation tutor seems relatively confident in my progress. Am I mental for wanting to sack it all in and become a butcher?

If Rachel Khoo can dump a stable job in fashion PR and run off to make pastries in Paris, why can’t I have my dream job? I have no training in butchery, just a love and unrivalled enthusiasm for good food and the best ingredients. It is something really feel passionately about pursuing.

I am more than willing, keen even, to kiss goodbye to prospective job security and a life of a decent salary and constant comfort for cold hands, crack-of–dawn ‘til dusk days and an awful lot of offal. Maybe I am mental.


As Disney and daydreams as it sounds, I just have to follow my heart (or that of the ox’s) this time. Do a Khoo, as it were. Roll up my sleeves, take a deep breath and give it my all.

My main hurdle (after my lack of training) is I am, well, a little girl. Literally. I am slight, 5ft2” and have a face that is absurdly spherical, I wear dresses and have been known to pop a bow in my hair. Can you be a butcher with a bow your hair?

Answer: I think so. I might have a penchant for pretty things, but I am passionate about food ethics and positively obsessed with eating well, in every sense of the word. I have a little book that you may hear me refer to as ‘My Little Book’.

I carry it everywhere with me and, like a scrappy old security blanket, I feel like a little lost lamb with out it. It contains a page for every season with the fruit, veg, meat, fish, herbs and nuts that are in season for the corresponding months.

It also has every cut of meat and what to do with it for Pork, Beef, Lamb and Chicken. Also different grades of oatmeal and what they can be used for, I am also about to add cooking times and temperatures for each cooking techniques.

It is my culinary bible and I read it everywhere I go. No trip courtesy of TfL would be the same without it. I can’t wait to one day know it all.

I will keep you updated on my mission and hopefully one day I will be a knowledgable, local butcher. Wish me luck!

By Morgana