Brick Lane Bargains

by smartgirlssupper


After a twelve hour shift at work yesterday I didn’t take much persuading to take the day of rest as a literal. I didn’t leave the house till a civilised midday to meet some of my favourite people at Columbia Road flower market. We spent the afternoon picking out Christmas trees and treating ourselves to festively coloured red roses. On our way home we passed a green grocer’s stall near Brick Lane, just beside Shoreditch High Street station. They were selling boxes of veg for £1.00, and so it happened that I am now listening to a kilo of cherry tomatoes bubbling themselves into a pasta sauce with some onion, garlic, thyme, honey, red wine, salt and pepper ready for a rainy day when only a carby treat will do, it’s destined for lasagne, penne or spooned over fried polenta. If you’re in London I would highly urge you to visit the grocers in Shoreditch for some bargain veggies to make into your own sauce, pickles or chutneys. I’m off to make steak and chips for dinner, followed by profiteroles. Photos to follow.

By Rosie