Dal curry, warm tomato salad and nan breads

by smartgirlssupper


My lovely flatmate Lucy brought home a little treat for the pair of us recently which I was unhealthily excited about. It was Jamie Oliver’s fifteen minute meals book and so I felt obliged to have a little go at one of his recipes. The above is his dal curry with warm tomato salad and nan breads. I added a raita, poppadoms and pickled minty onions because I’m greedy and have plenty of procrastinating to be doing.

I had faith in Jamie and he didn’t let me down. He calls for a paste of ginger, chillies, onions, garlic and various spices as a base for the curry before adding lentils and coconut milk and letting it cook till soft. I didn’t have all the spices listed so used cumin, poppy seeds and turmeric as alternatives. Garlic, poppy seeds and lemon zest was warmed in oil before adding tomatoes for the warm salad.

Despite the dinner being judged a success by the friends cooking it most definitely took me longer than fifteen minutes as I lack both Jamie’s sweet knife skills and a food processor. A mezzaluna did a fine job of creating a rough paste and gave my arms a bit of a work out but added a good ten minutes of prep time.

Have a look at some of his other 15 minute meals here and let us know how you got on,  www.jamieoliver.com

By Rosie